A New Hope Farm was started in 2014.

Currently, we farm two plots located in Litchfield county. One is our urban farm plot in Thomaston and the second is our market garden in Winsted.

Our main products are seasonal vegetables, herbs, and specialty produce.

Growing Practices

Our farming practices are based on the principle of sustainability. By growing vegetables and herbs we provide a local, sustainable food source, and renewed creatively in how we prepare and enjoy food with our family and friends. In 2018 we signed CT NOFA’s farmer pledge!


Sustainable farming practices include:

  • Planting heirloom, organic, and open pollinated seed

  • Breeding and planting our own seed stock

  • Not using pesticides

  • Not planting GMOs

  • Promoting native biodiversity by planting native plants

  • Using no till and low till practices

  • Crop rotation

  • Low fossil fuel use

  • Interplanting and companion planting crops

  • Cover cropping

  • Mulching

  • Composting

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272 Torringford st

Winsted, CT